Why use VoIP in your business

VoIP or Voice over IP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Just as the title vaguely suggests, it is the use of internet infrastructure to make telephone communication. This eliminates the need to use the service of the telephone companies with dedicated telephone networks.

How it works

Understanding the underlying infrastructure requires intensive training from networking companies such as CISCO. However, for the purpose of this article, we will give a brief overview of how Voice over IP works and why you as a small business owner should be using in your business.


With VoIP, a caller’s voice which is analog in nature is converted into packets of data. The packets of data are transmitted just like any other type of data, such as an internet page, over the Internet Protocol (also known as IP) network. Using VoIP service, it possible to call mobile phones or landlines hence the service is just like the service offered by telephone service providers. What is different about VoIP compared to the regular telephone service is the ability of one computer user to call another computer user using the computer’s peripheral devices as the telephone receiver. This is possible by using the computers’ microphones as the mouth pieces and the speakers as the headsets.

When making the transformation from landline telephones to VoIP telephones, there are two options to follow. One of the methods is to add an analog telephone adapter connected to your existing office network. This adapter is then connected to the already existing landline telephone. The second option is to get rid of the landline telephone all together and replace it with a dedicated IP phone. The latter is obviously a modern solution and carries with it its own advantages. It is more expensive than the analog adapter option but it spots more features that are essential in the modern business setting.

Advantages of using VoIP in your business

It is essential for a business establishment to have a data network. This ensures that there is an efficient exchange of data between the business’ departments and the outside world. Chances are, if you own your own business then you already have a working data network. By integrating a voice network to your already existing data network, you will cut telephone costs and improve your business’ productivity predictive dialer. Your internet service provider will not charge you any more if you do this, just like they will not charge you any more when you send more emails.

You get to cut costs when managing one data network as the telephone network has somehow been eliminated from the picture. This simplifies your business network and is bound to reduce maintenance fee. On top of the costs cutting, it also brings efficiencies with the introduction of mobile IP phones. Your employees can access your network remotely from wherever they are.

Just like in any other situation where you have to upgrade the infrastructure, the initial installation cost of Voice over IP might be costly but it brings with it cheaper solutions and a better service. So go ahead and install VoIP in your business establishment.